Please Consider a Financial Gift to MennoPIN
MennoPIN operates on a shoestring budget. We have no paid staff and the Steering Committee are all volunteers. We rarely ask for financial support, but today we ask you, our members, for some help.

There are two ways that MennoPIN incurs financial obligations. MC USA generously allows Jonathan Brenneman, their Coordinator, Israel/Palestine Partners in Peace, to give invaluable assistance to the ministry of MennoPIN and we, in return, provide modest financial support to MC USA. There are also times in which MennoPIN Steering Committee members are invited to an important consultation or to engage in networking, incurring some financial expense.

Thank you for any gift you can make to support the work of MennoPIN. You can make your check out to Pleasant View Mennonite Church with MennoPIN on the memo line. The address is Joy Lapp, c/o MennoPIN, 504 W Henry Street, Mount Pleasant, IA 52641. Your gift is tax-deductible. Thank you very much!

MennoPIN Joins Positive Development/Investment in Palestine Consultation
On November 20, the Everence community offered a valuable meeting opportunity for representatives of Mennonite-related organizations and agencies working and serving in Israel/Palestine. The gathering was the first of ongoing consultations mandated as part of the MC USA “Seeking Peace” resolution, Orlando 2017. Everence representatives discussed Everence’s mission, structure and funds, provided information regarding the evolution of military and human rights screens and the use of occupied assessment service. In addition to MennoPIN, agencies/organizations participating included: MC USA, Mennonite Mission Network, Mennonite Central Committee, Mennonite Education Agency, Christian Peacemaker Teams and the Peace and Justice Support Network. Mark Regier, Vice President of Stewardship Investment at Everence summarized the shared sense of those gathered: “The issue of positive economic development/investment in Palestine is both vitally important and incredibly complex.” Future consultations are planned.

Protect Palestinian Children’s Rights by Acting Now
For the first time ever in the U.S., legislation has been introduced to defend the rights of Palestinian children. The bill, introduced by Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN), would require the Secretary of State to ensure that no U.S. funds going to Israel are used to violate the human rights of children. Please ask you congressperson to support the bill, Promoting Human Rights by Ending Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act.

MC USA Signs on to Letter Opposing the Israel Anti-Boycott Act
Ervin Stutzman, Executive Director, Mennonite Church USA, joined sixteen other Christian leaders opposing the Israel Anti-Boycott Act in a strongly worded letter. MennoPIN and MCC both support the defeat of this bill. Ask your members of Congress to oppose the Israel Anti-Boycott Act.

Oppose the Nomination of Kenneth Marcus for Assistant Secretary of Civil Rights in the Department of Education.
Marcus has a long record of filing spurious discrimination claims with the Department of Education to suppress Palestine activism on campus. He also supports anti-BDS legislation. See the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights for further information on how you can oppose Marcus’ nomination.

Please Continue to Support Esther Koontz.
School teacher and Mennonite Esther Koontz has been denied employment by the State of Kansas because she refused to sign an oath that she would not engage “in a boycott of Israel [or territories controlled by Israel].” She is filing a law suit (with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union) against the State of Kansas for infringing upon her First Amendment rights. You can offer your words of support and encouragement to Esther by sending an email to

Read More
MCC Washington Memo for more information about opposing the Israel Anti-Boycott Act.
Good resources for congregational study groups on Christian Zionism
Christmas/Advent resource for congregations from Kairos Palestine

Members of Congress have introduced a bill to prevent U.S. tax dollars from paying for human rights violations against Palestinian children during the course of military detention. Israel is the only country in the world that systematically prosecutes an estimated 500 to 700 children each year in military courts that lack fundamental fair trial rights and protections.
God of peace and justice, we are thankful for this intervention, and pray that reforms are implemented to end violence against our children. We pray for an end to this unethical Israeli occupation. Lord in your mercy…
Sabeel Wave of Prayer, November 23, 2017

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