Learning Tours

One of the best ways to understand the people of Palestine and their struggle for justice is to go there yourself. With knowledgeable leadership and guidance, you can see both Holy Land sites and meet and talk with Palestinians and Israelis who oppose the occupation and are working for justice for the Palestinian people. MennoPIN recommends the following tours taking place in the upcoming months. Go to Palestine, expand your knowledge of the Palestine-Israeli conflict and hear from those working on the ground for justice and peace in the Holy Land.

Joint Advocacy Initiative Olive Planting Program 2020. February 8-17, 2020, led by East Jerusalem YMCA, a program for Civil International Solidarity with Palestinians. The JAI together with the Alternative Tourism Group are organizing the 12th annual Olive Planting Program-February 2020, as part of the JAI ongoing Keep Hope Alive – Olive Tree Campaign, to help Palestinian farmers and their families plant olive trees in their threatened fields. Besides olive planting, the program features introductory presentations about the current situation in Palestine and the effects of the Apartheid Wall, tours in the old city of Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, as well as Ramallah, in addition to cultural events and social gatherings. For more information and how to apply, click here.

Christian Peacemaker Teams Delegations to Palestine/Israel. In 2020 CPT will sponsor four delegations to Palestine: February 12-March 2; Aug 3-17; October 17-31 and December 1-15. On each trip, delegates will meet with Palestinian and Israeli human rights representatives and peace workers in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. They will visit Palestinian families whose home and livelihoods are threatened by expanding Israeli settlements. They will travel to the city of Al Khalil (Hebron) and the village of At-Tuwani in the South Hebron Hills and experience firsthand CPT’s work alongside Israeli and Palestinian partners. They will challenge the structural violence of the Occupation through nonviolent public witness. For more information and how to apply, click here.

E3Collective: Nazareth and Bethlehem. May 8-May 25, 2020, led by Dorothy Jean Weaver, Professor Emerita, Eastern Mennonite Seminary and Craig Maven, Lead Pastor, Harrisonburg Mennonite Church. This trip offers a unique, hands-on opportunity to encounter the land of Jesus’ earthly ministry and relive the stories of Jesus as we together meet, work, and pray with Palestinian Christians. And the rhythm of our time together will be a daily rhythm of encounter, work, and prayer. In the midst of our activities and during our times of relaxation, we will meet the Christians of Nazareth and Bethlehem “up close and personal.” And we will learn firsthand about their life and faith and the challenges they face as followers of Jesus within the troubled context of present-day Israel/Palestine. Application Deadline is December 31, 2019. For further information and how to apply, click here.

Come and See Israel/Palestine Witness Trip. June 1-June 14, 2020, led by Kathy Bergen and Joy Lapp. You will tour holy sites and experience the effect of the Israeli occupation on Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Your tour leaders are two women with strong connections to the region. During the trip, you will: Meet with Palestinian and Israeli human rights leaders, travel to a Bedouin village in the Negev Desert, visit the Sabeel Ecumenical Theology Center, spend two nights in the Galilee and tour refugee camps. For more information and how to apply, click here.

Eyewitness Palestine. In 2020 Eyewitness Palestine will lead three delegations to Israel/Palestine: (1) In June 2020 it will be the Race, Class and Money Delegation, including an in-depth look at the daily realities for Palestinians and Israelis while exploring the connections between race, class, and money, from the birth of this colonial conflict until today; (2) In August it will be the Militarization, Repression and Surveillance Delegation, to see how many of the world’s largest corporations are profiting from Israel’s embrace of high-tech military and police industries, exploring this reality directly from the Palestinians and Israelis challenging it and (3) In November 2020 it will be the Environmental Justice and Olive Harvest Delegation, to hear from farmers and learn of the importance of agriculture to the economy and culture and to learn about threats to the environment, the exploitation of natural resources, and the struggle of Palestinian communities to maintain access to land and water. For more information and how to apply, click here.

Sabeel Solidarity Visit. October 13-October 21, 2020 led by Naim Ateek, co-founder of Sabeel, the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center.

  • Worship with Palestinian Christians
  • Meet and reflect with Palestinian Christians and Muslims as well as with Jewish Israelis and internationals who partner with Sabeel in non-violent resistance against the violation of international and humanitarian law
  • Experience the realities of the Palestinian community living under Israeli Occupation: the Wall, settlements, checkpoints, confiscated land and demolished homes, refugee camps, and environmental degradation
  • Act in solidarity with the Palestinian community.
  • Learn about the loss of civil and property rights of Arab Israeli citizens

For more information and how to apply, click here.