1) Basic administration and oversight will be provided by a steering committee of 4-8 members. The steering committee provides basic administration and oversight to the work of MennoPIN, meets regularly to discuss the direction and focus of our work, and oversees the work of the following subcommittees (with at least one representative on each subcommittee).

2) The steering committee will recruit additional people to serve on the following subcommittees (3-6 people each)

A. End the Gaza Siege – Through education and action, we hope to bring greater awareness to Mennonite congregations about the decade-long Israeli blockade that is devastating Gaza and its people and to inspire action toward freedom and justice there. The Gaza Twinning Initiative is the first step in that direction, but there is much more to do.

B. Say NO to Christian Zionism – One of the most potent forces in the United States today promoting unquestioning allegiance to Israeli policy toward Palestine is Christian Zionism. With the formation of this committee, we want to say NO to Christian Zionism. The most prominent group supporting Israel and the complete removal of Palestinians from their land is Christians United for Israel (CUFI), whose base of 5,000,000+ mostly evangelical members is by far the largest pro-Israel lobby in this country. We want to help educate Mennonites about the dangers of Christian Zionism’s false theology and to develop actions to challenge and confront its goals.

C. Communications – We want to maintain a social media presence (via the MennoPIN website and Facebook page) and, through our MennoPIN Monthly Update, to support and encourage network subscribers both in the Mennonite Church USA and on the ground in Palestine.

3) Both the steering committee and subcommittees will convene (via online audio/video conference calls) at least quarterly, and more often when needed, to carry out their tasks.

4) The steering committee may include people from each of the sub-committees.

2 thoughts on “Organizational Structure

  1. I am seeking information on what materials you have developed or use that are appropriate for PreK-12 young people about Palestine and the Palestinian people. Thank you.

    1. Hello, Jane, sorry to be so late in responding to you. Thanks for writing. That is an excellent question! MennoPIN does not have any materials that I know of, but I will check with various people and groups I know to find out what is out there. There must (and should) be something. I will get back to you as soon as I find something out.

      Joe Roos, for MennonPIN

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