Responsible and Ethical Tourism to Palestine/Israel

Travel to Palestine/Israel is a great opportunity. You will be able to personally engage with both Palestinians and Israeli allies seeking justice and peace for all citizens in Israel, East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. You will see the injustices suffered daily by Palestinian people and you will travel in the footsteps of Jesus. But it is also important to travel in ways that are responsible and ethical. Two resources can help you become a responsible and ethical traveler to the Holy Land.

  1. Kairos Palestine has created a set of guidelines for Christians contemplating a pilgrimage to the Holy Land entitled, “Come and See: A Call from Palestinian Christians.” You will find it here. Pages 18-21 are especially helpful to read.
  2. Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) has developed an ethical guide entitled, “Do No Harm! Palestinian Call for Ethical Tourism/Pilgrimage.” You will find it here.