2 thoughts on “Seeking Peace in Israel and Palestine: A Resolution for MCUSA

  1. The main thing that must be done via this resolution is to divest from companies profiting from the illegal, cruel and often brutal Israeli occupation. As long as that is the decision being taken and action to divest will follow from this resolution, then it meets the urgent need for the Mennonite Church to join BDS. I would like to remind you, however, that Israelis like Miko Peled (“The General’s Son”) and American Jews like Max Blumenthal (“Goliath”) say that limiting the divestment and boycott to only products from the West Bank or only companies that profit from occupation is NOT sufficient; ALL Israeli products should be boycotted and ALL Israeli companies must be divested from. They reason that any money made by Israel goes to support the occupation. In addition, there are American companies that contribute from their profits to support settlements and the occupation, such as Sabra, so those must also be included in divestment and boycott.

  2. I think this resolution is a positive step in the right direction. My relation to Mennonites is an interesting one as I am half Palestinian and half Swiss, the Swiss side with a history of being with the ana-baptists. So a non-practicing Mennonite….:) However, I must agree that while constructive and positive, serious reconciliation can not begin to take place without consideration of the largest refugee Population in the world, that of the Palestinians. We are a 5 million strong diaspora that needs to be heard, prayed for and have allies for justice. Targeting only products made in settlements obscures the Christian call for steadfastness and allows Israel to maintain a rights based system for Jews only. Just as we repent and consider our roles as Christians against anti-Jewish bigotry, we must not today continue to neglect millions of refugees. I must agree that this resolution falls significantly short when millions are left in the cold seeking their right to return to their homes. A positive step yes, but in the eyes of this refugee, something that falls quite short of recognizing my humanity, equality
    and right to basic human rights.

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