MennoPIN and Mennonite Church USA encourage Mennonite students to participate in Palestine Advocacy Day & Training 2018 in Washington, DC, March 16-19, 2018. If you go, we will cover your registration fee (including hotel for three nights, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday and breakfast on Monday), and we will also reimburse you up to $100 for travel.

As young leaders and activists, you will learn the skills needed to lead campaigns in your communities, engage elected officials and advocate for the rights of Palestinians. The intensive training in political engagement and community mobilization will include a day of lobbying on Capitol Hill. For more information about the advocacy days and to register, click here.

When you register, you will not need to send any money if you use this code: jonathanscode. Then, upon your return, send your travel reimbursement request (up to $100) to

We hope you will go and experience the power of organizing for justice and peace!

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