Dear Menno-PIN members,

The Menno-PIN Steering Committee had another very productive conference call this past Tuesday, and we are excited about our progress. We are planning to meet together in Chicago this coming June, to develop a strategic plan for the network and identify concrete steps for the important work of our network.

We also decided that it would be very helpful to have some additional information/input from each of you.  Would you be willing to answer the follow questions?

1) Where are you located and which congregation do you attend?

2) Are there any local organizations or interested people with whom you meet on the issue of Israel-Palestine?

3) What counsel, suggestions, or hopes would you like to share with us before we meet to develop our strategic plan? In other words, if you were part of the steering committee conversation in June what would you want to say?

Also, an update: based on your responses, we did decide to register Menno-PIN as a member of the U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation.  We should soon see our name on their web site!

Finally, check out this action alert from the Mennonite Central Committee Washington Office and consider subscribing:

We appreciate your input, and your participation in the network!

Thank you,

Mennonite Palestine Israel Network Steering Committee

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