What is it? 

A grassroots network of Mennonites with a passion for peace with justice in Palestine-Israel.

What are its purposes?

1)   To encourage and support advocacy and action in local and national contexts, with a special emphasis within the Mennonite Church.

2)   To develop and/or promote educational resources related to Palestine-Israel, including books, movies, and curricula for use by individuals, congregations, or other groups.

3)   To enable quick communication among members of the network and the larger Mennonite Church regarding ongoing developments in Palestine-Israel.

4)   To join with people of faith and conscience around the world who share our passion for peace with justice, especially those working within Palestine-Israel.

How is it organized?

A Steering Committee will provide basic oversight and administration.

Four subcommittees will manage the nuts and bolts of the network:

1) Education.  This group will compile and share a list of educational resources related to Palestine-Israel, including books, curricula, films, and a “speaker’s bureau.”  It will also promote travel/learning opportunities to the region.

2) Advocacy/Action.  This group will promote short and long-term strategies for advocacy and action, including those related to the BDS (“Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction”) movement, with the constituency of Mennonite Church USA as a target audience.

3) Communication.  This group will establish and maintain the electronic infrastructure needed to fulfill the network’s purposes, including a web site and internet-related based media.

4) Grassroots Connection.  This group is the “relational” wing of the network, initiating and maintaining electronic “chats,” and planning periodic face-to-face gatherings regionally and nationally.

How may I participate?

You may join simply by providing your name and email address.  This will add you to the network.  As the network becomes established, you will receive periodic emails and/or electronic notifications, including educational resources, invitations to electronic conversation, and opportunities for advocacy and action.  If you are ready and willing to be more deeply involved, you are invited to volunteer for one of the four subcommittees.

Where do I go for more information, or to join?

Send an email to: mennopin@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “Mennonite Palestine Israel Network (“MennoPIN”)

  1. Is anyone else out there working at BDS? Some of us at MidValley BDS are encouraging shoppers not to buy SodaStream. We have twice held up “Boycott SodaStream” signs and handed out cards with info explaining why we object to SodaStream, in front of a BiMart store in Corvallis. However, yesterday the store manager politely asked us to leave because demonstrations in front of stores, or in the parking lot of that plaza are prohibited. The OR Supreme Court has ruled that such places are private property and owners do have that authority.
    Ray Kauffman
    member of Albany Mennonite Church peace and justice ministry

  2. Thanks for your reply, Ray. I personally participated in the Sodastream twitter campaign during the 2013 Super Bowl, as encouraged by the U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation. This latter organization might have some helpful advice on how to boycott local stores. In Wichita, our local “Palestine Solidarity Group” has decided to put its energies elsewhere then in picketing the “Bed, Bath, and Beyond” stories that sells SodaStream. But good for you! I’d like to hear more about the Albany Mennonite Church Peace and Justice Ministry, as well as your church as a whole and where they would stand on the Israel/Palestine issue.

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